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Do or do not...
I've never had enough energy to do as much exercise as I wanted to, all this changed in Feb 2012 and I started to believe that completing a triathlon wasn't impossible.

Monster Duathlon

NotANinjaby NotANinjaJul 5th 2012
Saturday I went to visit my cousin in Manchester and she introduced me to Parkrun 5k races on Saturday Mornings. She insisted I'd manage a personal best and she was right 28:18 :)
On Sunday we ran to the swimming pool and after warming up with some breaststroke she gave me some crawl tips and I managed 25m before I hung on the side trying to get my breath back. The main issue I have is that doing crawl you can only breath at certain times and I'm used to taking huge breaths whenever I want doing breastroke. Oh well some more practice and I'll be able to do 100m without stopping and then I can go to the BadTri swim sessions, where they can hopefully sort me out.

Did my first duathlon with James on Wednesday as a relay because there was an extra cycle and run in it and I wasn't sure I'd manage the whole thing by myself. I did all the running and all my times were under 20mins for 2miles which I'm pleased about. James did very well and overtook people while cycling. We had fun and I haven't put him off the one next month. I did notice on the last run that my gait is awful I drastically roll inwards and it's much worse when I get more tired. I have no real clue what to do about that. I'm going to moti on Sat after the parkrun, perhaps they can help.
justalby member: justal, Jul 6th 2012 14:38
I like the sound of these Park Runs - Just wish there were some near me. Nearest one is about a 3 hour drive away which is a little too far just to do a 5km run. :(

Bishmanby member: Bishman, Jul 6th 2012 23:42
Congratulations on the swimming - small victories add up! Head along to the Wednesday morning BAD Tri swims at Horfield - I owe my ability to swim entirely to Matt and Will!
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