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Oziemby OziemSep 14th 2008
Public Blogs
This is the initial version of the public blogs. More features are in development such as;

- Attaching details of a day/week/month of training
- Attaching a graph
- Receiving comments from other users
TriBlogs & Me
TriBlogs has been my pet project since 2005. It all started as a way for me to track my own training and I ended up sharing with my friends... the rest is history.

I write the code, test the code, debug the code, sing the theme tune... Sarah has joined the team now and she bosses me around on your behalf. If you use the site regularly and love it please help us continue by subscribing or by getting all your friends to visit the site!

On my blog you'll find my experiences attempting to be an athlete of some sort and my photo blogs of races that we visit for inspiration.
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