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Chondromalacia Patella
Oziemby Oziem Mar 25th 2009
Chondromalacia Patella aka Patellofemoral Syndrome (or Runners Knee, which is hilarious because I haven't run for 18months ;)) Got a general overview of the results of my MRI today. Apparantly, I have minor inflammation of the cartilage under my ...
Wednesday is MRI Day
Oziemby Oziem Mar 12th 2009
I have my appointment to get an MRI! It only took a couple of weeks to get it through the NHS. I'm absolutely amazed! I also saw a Podiatrist on Tuesday and have had changes made to my orthotics. Really hoping that this will fix my issues and ...
Knee Scan & Podiatrist
Oziemby Oziem Mar 4th 2009
Still having issues with my knee :( I'm going to see a podiatrist next week to get new orthotic insoles. Maybe that will help? Have also started organising getting a MRI done, just incase theres something more serious going on. Above pic ironicl...
Aaaarrrghh... Knee Pain!
Oziemby Oziem Feb 27th 2009
Knee pain must be the worst injury that I have ever experienced. I can't ride, can't run and it hurts when I tumble turn and kick hard. I've had knee problems for 7months now. It all started after an epic long ride in the dolomites (photo abov...
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