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15 months later, is it over?
Oziemby Oziem Oct 17th 2009
It's been 15 months since my trip to the dolomites, mashing up my knee on the brutal climbs. 3 physios, 1 osteopath, 2 massage therapists, 1 sports physician and now a surgeon have tried to fix me. Is this it? I had a knee arthroscopy on Friday ...
Hospital Appointment
Oziemby Oziem Jul 20th 2009
Going to see a surgeon on Thursday...please please sort my knee out!...
Pen y Fan
Oziemby Oziem Mar 17th 2009
Had a brilliant weekend in Brecon (Wales). On Saturday we did a long walk up Pen y Fan which amazingly didn't hurt my knee! Think I've found something other than swimming that I can do to try and keep fit while I'm waiting for my knee to fix itself...
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