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Oziemby Oziem Oct 21st 2012
I have some exciting news about the next update to TriBlogs. We have created a new navigation system that appears when you access TriBlogs from a mobile or tablet (small screens). The new navigation has BIGGER buttons and doesn't use the position:...
Expanding Layout
Oziemby Oziem Feb 27th 2012
Hello TriBloggers, Last night I finished off some code that allows the site to stretch to your browser size! (well up to 1450px, beyond that it looks a bit silly so I've stopped it stretching any further) Also I finally scrapped the left and...
Exercise Chart Update
Oziemby Oziem Mar 12th 2011
Hi all, Premium members who use the garmin uploader will be interested to see this update to the exercise charts. See the photo above for the before and after. More improvements in development :) Dave...
Training Records
Oziemby Oziem May 11th 2010
What was my furthest ride, fastest run, longest swim, most heart beats in a ride, highest average heart rate, ....? Find out them all on one page: (new version only) Any suggestions?...
Lookey what I did
Oziemby Oziem Apr 9th 2010
GPS points overlaid on a map, yeahy finally....
Oziemby Oziem Apr 8th 2010
Hi all, Last week I took the decision to re-jig the navigation of the site and freshen up the layout. This has involved little changes to a lot of the pages. Therefore I decided to package the update as a new version of TriBlogs, it will technic...
New Server
Oziemby Oziem Nov 24th 2009
I am moving TriBlogs to a faster new server at the moment. There will be a period of about 2hrs on Friday afternoon where the website will be offline while I backup and transfer the database and then transfer the domains. Sorry for any inconvenie...
MySQL Indexes
Oziemby Oziem Apr 20th 2009
Have been developing our coaching system for the past week or so. Other web developers might be interested in something I found out today. Had look at optimising some of the SQL we use on the site because some of the coaching pages take to long t...
TriBlogs & Me
TriBlogs has been my pet project since 2005. It all started as a way for me to track my own training and I ended up sharing with my friends... the rest is history.

I write the code, test the code, debug the code, sing the theme tune... Sarah has joined the team now and she bosses me around on your behalf. If you use the site regularly and love it please help us continue by subscribing or by getting all your friends to visit the site!

On my blog you'll find my experiences attempting to be an athlete of some sort and my photo blogs of races that we visit for inspiration.
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