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Oziemby Oziem Oct 21st 2012
I have some exciting news about the next update to TriBlogs. We have created a new navigation system that appears when you access TriBlogs from a mobile or tablet (small screens). The new navigation has BIGGER buttons and doesn't use the position:...
Optional facebook news item
Oziemby Oziem Apr 13th 2012
You can now create a news item on your facebook feed directly from TriBlogs when you create a blog post. If you want to share on facebook all you need to do is select "Announce on facebook". You will be forwarded to facebook where you can either ...
Expanding Layout
Oziemby Oziem Feb 27th 2012
Hello TriBloggers, Last night I finished off some code that allows the site to stretch to your browser size! (well up to 1450px, beyond that it looks a bit silly so I've stopped it stretching any further) Also I finally scrapped the left and...
Improved Blogging System
Oziemby Oziem Apr 4th 2011
No right-click?
Oziemby Oziem Feb 12th 2011
Thanks to a few requests from our recent usability survey I have started to add ways to avoid using right-clicks. For starters I have added a new button for each row in list pages (see the attached screenshot). A 'regular' click on this button ...
Navigation Change
Oziemby Oziem Dec 14th 2010
Thanks for all the feedback on our current survey. One recent request from daveh was to return to the old navigation method when you click on one of the tabs "Home, Plan, Diary, ..." it used to go to the main page for that area. For example, cli...
Touch Screen Compatibility
Oziemby Oziem Nov 29th 2010
Hi all, Some of the feedback from the current members survey is that you can't navigate the site very easily using a touch screen such as an iphone/ipad. I have slightly changed the way the navigation bar works. Clicking on an option which has a...
Notifications & Favourites
Oziemby Oziem Nov 21st 2010
Notifications When there's new content on the site we now have a quick way to let you know! A notification icon will appear showning the number of alerts relevant to the section. i.e. if there's a new forum post on a thread that you have selecte...
Training Records
Oziemby Oziem May 11th 2010
What was my furthest ride, fastest run, longest swim, most heart beats in a ride, highest average heart rate, ....? Find out them all on one page: (new version only) Any suggestions?...
Lookey what I did
Oziemby Oziem Apr 9th 2010
GPS points overlaid on a map, yeahy finally....
Groups and New Colour Picker
Oziemby Oziem Dec 22nd 2009
Hi all, Hope you are all well, I have updated TriBlogs with 2 new features today! Groups Each group will show a table of stats about its member and has a discussion thread below. The stats shown are currently very basic but I have big plans...
Oziemby Oziem Nov 8th 2009
Hi TriBloggers, I haven't made much progress in the last couple of weeks, I have only fixed a few bugs and improved a couple of features. Heres a list of a few of the changes I made this weekend: You now can view the number of hits you get on...
New Charts!
Oziemby Oziem Jul 13th 2009
Goto the charts section to play!...
Blogging Features
Oziemby Oziem Jul 10th 2009
New Charting Code
Oziemby Oziem Jun 23rd 2009
Hi, I'm looking at changing the way we generate charts and I'm looking at using a flash based tool. It benefits from being interactive and has a much larger scoope for settings etc.. If you'd like to see demos heres a link http://www.fusio...
Dynamic content
Oziemby Oziem Jun 6th 2009
Hi all, just added a new feature to your training plans. When you add or edit a planned session you should see on the right hand side; - All the goals relevant to the date, - Totals for the week. I have plans to show other information but ...
Coaches Tools
Oziemby Oziem May 22nd 2009
I recently opened up the coaching tool on TriBlogs. I've been working really hard on this for the last few months. Basically it is a way to access other members plan and diary but there are added features to help coaches save time. There are two...
Exercise Categories
Oziemby Oziem Apr 30th 2009
Quick update on the site. I have added a way to select the type of "sports" you wish to appear when you add a cardio session and choose which one appears as default. Go to "Settings" ----> "Application" then select the "Sports" tab. Unselect...
Richer blog posts
Oziemby Oziem Feb 9th 2009
Hi TriBloggers, I have just finished and uploaded a few changes to the blogging tool. You can now assign keywords or phrases to your posts which are can then used to group together similar topics. This is a feature commonly found with other blog...
Oziemby Oziem Jan 26th 2009
Finally sat down today to look at the blogging side of TriBlogs. So far I have really been focused on the training side of TriBlogs and have neglected this. Today I implemented the advanced style tab in the public view settings. Here you'll find...
Happy New Year
Oziemby Oziem Jan 8th 2009
Happy New Year TriBloggers. Hope you had a good one! I'm back coding again but not cycling :( Oh well... maybe soon. There has been tons of activity on the site this week! Lots of new years resolutions I think ;) All the activity has got me u...
Blog Comments & New Nav
Oziemby Oziem Oct 13th 2008
Public Blog You can now comments on other users blog entries. Click on the 'Leave a comment' link below and you'll be able to contribute to the TriBlogs community :) New Nav You can double click entries in your diary month view to edit them. I...
Phase Notes
Oziemby Oziem Oct 10th 2008
I've just recreated what used to be called week notes. Its now phase notes because they can be set for any duration. This gives you more flexibility when using your plan....
Fitness Tests
Oziemby Oziem Sep 20th 2008
Need a way to record your best times? The Fitness test section in your diary is the best place for this. You can create a completely customised table. With up to 20 different fields, which can contain numbers, text or time! In the future you...
Damn I misspelt that forum message
Oziemby Oziem Sep 19th 2008
No longer will this be an issue, the new version of TriBlogs allows you to edit your messages so you can correct any mistakes :) You can also delete messages or discussions, in case you manage to make a double post etc... So get posting!!...
Application Settings
Oziemby Oziem Sep 18th 2008
Just added a way to hide icons in the GUI (graphical user interface). This will be useful if you have a slow connection, as there are fewer HTTP requests. Basically pages will load quicker ;)...
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