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Aaaarrrghh... Knee Pain!

Oziemby OziemFeb 27th 2009
Aaaarrrghh... Knee Pain!
Knee pain must be the worst injury that I have ever experienced. I can't ride, can't run and it hurts when I tumble turn and kick hard.

I've had knee problems for 7months now. It all started after an epic long ride in the dolomites (photo above is after the final climb). I have seen various different sports injury professionals, and not had any improvement :(

Weak gluts and tight IT Band causing my patella to maltrack is the diagnosis but I have stretched, strengthened and everything that I have been told to do and I'm no better.

I tried doing a 45min EASY ride with my sister on Monday and I've been suffering since. But I can't stop trying because I'm desperate to get fully fit again. Maybe a faith healer or witch doctor would be more help?
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RocknRollMonsterby member: RocknRollMonster, Feb 27th 2009 14:15
Nice one on the blogging platform Dave! (I would have just whacked wordpress in there).

I have forearm pain from weightlifting at the moment (Not started back on tri training yet) - it's very frustrating.
Oziemby blog author: Oziem, Mar 4th 2009 13:44
Thanks Chris. The blogging tool is definitely a work in progress
doogiecby member: doogiec, Mar 4th 2009 14:23
perhaps slaughter a lamb to the gods?

too obvious to mention......apply ice regularly, say twice a day. Really helped for me.
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