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Ironman Wales 2012, Marathon Photos
Oziemby Oziem Sep 17th 2012
After the sea swim and the hilly bike course was the marathon. Heres a few of the photos. The mens winner Sylvain Rota. The female winner Regula Rohrbach. The run course was a long straight road, a little boring? My favourite photo of the day! I...
Ironman Wales 2012, Heartbreak Hill Photos
Oziemby Oziem Sep 17th 2012
After the sea swim came the very hilly bike course. We took up a position near the top of the so called "Heartbreak Hill". Sarah was very excited as this was the first outing for our new cow bell (and it was LOUD). The first rider passed us (sh...
Ironman Wales 2012, Swim Photos
Oziemby Oziem Sep 17th 2012
This weekend we went on a mini adventure to Tenby to support Ironman Wales. The swim start was on Tenby North Beach. Ready, steady... The "washing machine" Every vantage point in Tenby was filled with spectators. The mens leaders (by quite a long wa...
First Ride
Oziemby Oziem Sep 14th 2012
Sarah and I just went for the first of many off-road rides, yeahy! ...
New Toy Ordered
Oziemby Oziem Sep 11th 2012
Can you guess what it is?...
Ground Zero
Oziemby Oziem Sep 1st 2012
"The starting point or most basic level" I feel like I'm at 'ground zero'. It's been 5 years since my last full triathlon, a whole year since I rode my bike and about 6 months since I ran for more than about 5 minutes! Can I be anymore unfit? ...
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