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Busy, Busy, Busy!

Oziemby OziemNov 29th 2008
Busy, Busy, Busy!
Hi TriBloggers,

Sorry for the lack of developments on TriBlogs recently.

It's very strange that in the current global financial slump I've got more web work than you can shake a stick at. Can't imagine it will last much longer and I'll be back developing TriBlogs!

Had a slight issue with our server last night. TriBlogs was offline between about 8pm and 11pm. All should be fixed now
Chigby member: Chig, Nov 29th 2008 23:54
Don't apologise mate, I think I speak for us all by saying that we're just grateful how much time you do manage to put into this site. Particularly adding in all our wishes for slight changes, which must be a real pain!
How you find time to work, train, and develop the site is beyond me.
Many, many thanks
Oziemby blog author: Oziem, Dec 2nd 2008 09:08
Thanks Chig
RocknRollMonsterby member: RocknRollMonster, Feb 27th 2009 14:17
I heard that Web Designers were doing really well out of the economic downturn - so way to go! I guess more people are wanting to market as much as possible.
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