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Oziemby OziemOct 21st 2012
I have some exciting news about the next update to TriBlogs. We have created a new navigation system that appears when you access TriBlogs from a mobile or tablet (small screens). The new navigation has BIGGER buttons and doesn't use the position:fixed attribute so scrolling around has become a lot clearer.

I have also cleaned up a few mobile based issues including the iphone's (webkit) automatic text stretching which left the site looking a bit wonky!

My Desktop on an iPod; Before Update


My Desktop on an iPod; After Update (release soon)

Excited? ...

EDIT: The update has been applied, and heres some better pics
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Oct 21st 2012 16:33
Looks good on Android too.
Bishmanby member: Bishman, Oct 21st 2012 17:29
Great news! Looking forward to using the new layout as this was an issue I have been meaning to bring this up. Does it only affect the homepage or will it change recording sessions and creating blog posts as well?
Oziemby blog author: Oziem, Oct 21st 2012 18:18
The new navigation and page layouts will affect all pages including; plan, diary, community, coaching, ...!
martinkilbby member: martinkilb, Oct 23rd 2012 19:35
excellent news, just need to revive my iPhone, which was trashed on a very wet run. Looking forward to giving it a go.
ashleybrookesby member: ashleybrookes, Nov 12th 2012 14:03
I was wondering when the magic dave web wizard was going to come up with this... excellent work!!
TriBlogs & Me
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