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New Toy Ordered

Oziemby OziemSep 11th 2012
New Toy Ordered
Can you guess what it is?
Tags: toys
PhilLby member: PhilL, Sep 11th 2012 13:02
a bike. What do I win?
Oziemby blog author: Oziem, Sep 11th 2012 14:47
the significance of the bike is not that it is a bike, but the kind of bike that it is ;)
justalby member: justal, Sep 12th 2012 06:58
Looks like a Commencal to me?
Oziemby blog author: Oziem, Sep 12th 2012 08:56
Impressive brand spotting justal! But that wasn't quite the answer I was looking for. "It's a mountain bike" and I've not had a mountain bike since I was about 12!
K2Sportsby member: K2Sports, Sep 13th 2012 11:36
New MTB, possbly a 29er?
justalby member: justal, Sep 18th 2012 08:50
Nice, I've got a Commencal Meta 5.5 MTB - Can't wait to get back out on it over the winter. Night rides in the snow and ice up in the mountains are just the best!

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