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Oziemby OziemFeb 9th 2009
Richer blog posts
Hi TriBloggers,

I have just finished and uploaded a few changes to the blogging tool. You can now assign keywords or phrases to your posts which are can then used to group together similar topics. This is a feature commonly found with other blogging sites, so I'm just trying to catch up ;)

The more exciting addition is to attach stats from your diary. For example I have attached the total time & distance that I have recorded this year. There are only a few options currently and I'd like suggestions from you guys of other stats you'd like to include.
SwimSwim16h:56m (44%) 54.5km
BikeBike2h:56m (8%) 0km
StrengthStrength18h:50m (49%) 0km
Stats for: Jan 1st 2009 to Feb 9th 2009 (40 days)
TriBlogs & Me
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