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Whats next?

Oziemby OziemFeb 11th 2009
Whats next?
Hi all,

So far this year I've managed to fit in a lot of work on TriBlogs! In the next month our plans are to;

- Design a race planner to show the races in a calendar type view so its easier to see the structure of your year.

- Add a way to add a missed session note to your diary.
- PB flag for recorded races?
- Old kit list, allow kit to be moved from the current list but remembered on the system.
- Alerts when a kit item has reached a limit.

- Add custom links
- Encourage more people to write blogs on the site :)

Community Groups
- Create groups like facebook so include a forum, links, news but also to include information like total training time, weeks schedule, next races, maybe league tables of distance, speed etc.
boomclarenby member: boomclaren, Feb 16th 2009 14:12
hi there, just responding do the question of what i found a bit tricky...well i'm pretty new to blogging anyway and not the most technically gifted so that probably played a big part, but i found that the button to press to leave posts didn't really stand out, it wasn't massively obvious to me, now i've found it it's all good, it was just a matter of maybe not looking hard enough.
also can i ask how to make my training plan visible on my blog?
and sods law i blew a tyre with no spare or pump 10 miles in to my 15 mile cycle to work this morning...suppose it was good tri training as i had to jog with a bike on my back to get to work in time.
Oziemby blog author: Oziem, Feb 20th 2009 09:08
Thanks boo, I will try and make it more obvious :)
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