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Pirate's musings and misadventures...
Somehow over the last few years I've developed an interest in endurance sports, and that's recently lead me into Triathlon. The aim of this blog is to work out how the hell that happened, and to document some of my training musings and mishaps. I'll try not to make it too long and rambling, but given my writing style, that might be tricky...

Blog the first

Pirateby PirateAug 7th 2011
Like it says in my introduction, one of my aims with this blog is to work out and write down just how I ended up trying Triathlon in the first place. This is actually something I┬'d been thinking about doing for a while, simply for my own entertainment, and because I quite enjoy writing. However, it wasn┬'t until I thought about doing it as a blog that I finally became enthused about doing it.

My original plan was to get the story of my ┬'Journey to Tri┬' out of the way in the first post, and then just get on with writing occasional posts about training and races. Then I actually sat down to write the thing, and realised that I had a decent sized post with just the first part of the story so, coupled with my plan to try and not be rambling, I decided to split it across several posts.

I realise this is fairly self indulgent, and I can┬'t imagine there┬'s anyone out there who┬'s actually interested in reading about it, but if there is then they┬'ll probably be on Triblogs! And anyway, it┬'s probably good, cheap therapy for me! So, the next post will tell of how I stopped being lazy, but it'll have to wait for now, because I've got to go and change the rear inner tube on my bike so I can actually use it tomorrow!
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Aug 17th 2011 15:53
Great looking forward to your next post then!
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