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Week 1

RDodgsonby RDodgsonOct 1st 2011
First week of training for an Ironman in 2012 completed. I am working my way back to fitness slowly after a long break from regular training and racing. I have a coach, a plan that looks achieveable and lots of support from my wife and family - so now I just need to implement it.

Week 1 has gone ok. I have completed over 6 hours of training, including my key long swim, bike and run sessions. But I have also missed too many sessions. This doesn't reflect a lack of motivation, more a lack or organisation, pig headedness and not following my own rule, which is - if I don't train in the morning, it is more likely that the training won't get done.

I am completing a lot of test sets next week, as a means of establishing a benchmark for future training. My other goal is to complete all of the sessions.
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