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Reborn triathlete
After 12 years of abstinence from this truly wonderful sport, I have eventually succumbed to it's beauty, enjoyment and overall fitness.

I used to race sprints when living in South Africa, and having recently moved to the UK I have rediscovered my passion for this sport.

I am now concentrating on Olympic distances for the next coming year and thereafter moving up to standard and ultimately striving for Kona either in 2011 or 2012.

New beginnings

SMurphyby SMurphyOct 15th 2009
Still waiting for the new bike to be completely built, almost there when the mechanic from Evans cycles calls me on Tuesday to tell me that the outside chainring teeth are damaged (bent, misaligned teeth, some shorter than the others).

So, a little dissapointed to say the least as I was really looking forward to getting some cycling in this week before the weather becomes the typical Autumn rainy weather one usually expects.

Hopefully a few more days and the replaced items will be on the doorstep and I can get some cycling in next week before the rains settle in.
AprilDay01by member: AprilDay01, Nov 21st 2009 02:28
If you know of any good online training programs, I'd greatly appreciate it. It's time for me go get back on the wagon! Kindest regards,

New toys
SMurphyby SMurphy Sep 17th 2009
Well now....... I have been musing the web for a few months looking for the elusive carbon frame-set and forks that would ultimately put me on a similar starting ground as most of the seasoned triathletes and make me feel like one of them....obvio...
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