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27year old female. Desperalty seeking tri-improvement. Enjoys cycling and running (Prepared to stay open minded about swimming).

Week 1 of Tri'ing: Seeking virtual support

SianCOby SianCOMar 13th 2013
So I have tried triathlon, in fact I have tried triathlon a few times over a few years. Nothing fast, nothing long, nothing serious. But for me, like it'll always be, it's a bit of a fun (?!) way to stay reasonably healthy and eat more cake than I should. I've always been happy with this relaxed training ethos.

However, although I'll emphasis again; I haven┬'t done loads of tri's, they haven┬'t been long, and even my fastest wasn┬'t winning - I have developed a niggling feeling that I would like to make some kind of improvement. I have realised that by far the best tri I have done (I judge this on how I felt afterwards; on the finish line and on reflection), was my first! I think that I was so worried about entering this crazy world of super humans in lycra, that the fear actually meant I trained harder and better than at any time since. Once I had completed it, I realised that lots of shapes, sizes and levels enter triathlons and I haven┬'t been quite so scared/motivated into pushing myself again. I guess I only really enter events to keep me motivated to do some sort of training. If I have no event on the horizon, swimming especially so easily gets replaced with Eastenders. Perhaps my problem is never having really set any goals for events just that I am fit enough to complete it. Which is a double edged sword as having done sprint tri┬'s before, I know the secret that I don┬'t really need to be terribly fit to just complete them.

So this season I have decided that I am going to step things up a gear and be competitive... with myself. I have found a really nice looking evening series and have made myself a goal that I want to make two improvements over the four 'races'. (So really I'm going to do the first simply feeling good, then over the following three I want to get better...twice). I think this is quite a reasonable goal, and cunningly one that can last all summer. I also have a separate goal of running a 10k PB this year, but I don't think this is exactly ┬'over goaling┬' myself - and surely one should help the other anyway?

Next question, how am I going to do it? I am never going to be a particularly rigid training person. If I try to follow a set training plan, I will set myself up to fail. My other commitments more than anything else just wont allow it ┬- I need a flexible approach. As my goals arn┬'t exactly ┬'top end┬' so I can allow myself my own ┬'fluid┬' approach (plus from a former life I actually know quite a lot about general training principles, so can make a well informed stab at a fairly hap hazard plan ┬- I know that just putting in the hours will be good enough for starters, this may change over the season).

What I am going to do initially is use two really simple ideas.

1) I am fortunate enough to have a really good local tri club. So goal one is to use it! For swimming mainly, this is my weakest event. Swim at least once with a week the club. Just generally get a bit more involved with the club too. (I am currently not swimming at all ┬- I decided in September I hated it. Before that I would do a half hour potter once or twice a week in my gym pool. I have never really swam properly ┬- it┬'s just the bit you have to get through at the beginning to me)
2) Use Triblogs. Use it to record what I have done. Use it to make a commitment to myself about what I am going to do this week. Use it to blog my efforts ┬- in a kind of virtual support type way. Basically use it to ensure that I put the hours in I should.

Not many of my really close friends ┬'get exercise┬' and are therefore, through no fault of there own, not massively supportive. Saying I┬'m going for a run not to the pub is an alien idea to them. Although I don┬'t mind this, and I like being ┬'their sporty friend┬' (although I find this an amusing title when compared to some of my sporty/triathlon friends). However, sometimes it means it┬'s easy to not do what you┬'ve said you┬'ll do, as no one understands that you┬'ve said you┬'ll go for a run and this really means you should go for a run. I┬'m hoping that by blogging and telling you (whoever may read this) in a strange way will mean I┬'m not allowed to not do it ┬- because you guys understand, and will be disappointed in me! Right? Well there┬'s the theory. (Helpfully my lovely boyfriend pointed out that maybe no one will read this. I think that is the joy of the internet though. I can pretend. Not like trying to talk about training with my friends, when it is blindingly clear no one is listening. This way I can believe that the whole of the triblogs community is involved and on my side! This is a much more positive thought that I┬'m happy to believe)

Okay, I have rambled on for quite a while here, so now with the next bit ┬- doing some actual training to tell you about next time. Here goes.

This week I am;
1. Going to a tri club swim session.
2. Rediscovering my former romance with (early morning) spinning
3. Do two runs

NB. I appreciate for the more hardy amongst you this may not seem hard. But I am all about the little steps.

Nine weeks to event one of four.

Catch you next week. Xx
sarahleonardby member: sarahleonard, Mar 13th 2013 16:25
Hello! Great first blog :-) Hope week one goes well, how are you getting on so far?
DazzaTri72by member: DazzaTri72, Mar 13th 2013 17:12
Hi ya, Really enjoyed reading your blog, like you i'm a newbie to the sport and this blogging lark!
You said a lot of things that us mortals totally understand!
good luck and keep us posted, may be we can all motivate and help each other!!
SianCOby blog author: SianCO, Mar 14th 2013 18:35
Aww thanks for reading guys. I went swim training this week and I don't want o speak to soon, but I actually enjoyed it!

I'll keep you posted. X
cedwardsby member: cedwards, Mar 16th 2013 20:48
Can definitely relate to this, up until last summer - and the thing which made a difference to me was recording exercise (through runkeeper app on my phone) and times and just gives me the motivation to get up and go on that run! Good luck with your goals this year!
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