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A bit grumpy!

Skinnybuddahby SkinnybuddahJun 18th 2010
87.4kg - still can't believe I've eaten that much and done so little since No2 came along!!

Breakfast 2 scrambled eggs, 1 sl Seeded Batch Toast, 2 espresso


I'm a bit grumpy today, not particularly happy that I was sooo slow on the bike and run at the weekend. I expected that my swim would be the one area that I would need to work on the most, particularly as I'm a sinker, Overall I was 88th on swim, 103rd after bike then 111th after run so I got worse.
I'm aware that my fitness and even endurance over this short distance isn't what it was 3 years ago but I was expecting more. However I started training late this year after doing next to nothing specific over the past two years so I guess thats something........ Pretty down about it at the moment though.
SwimSwim25min per day(100%)
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