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I used to be able to run fast, cycle hard and (cough) swim - but as a kid. This is my blog attempting to convert a basketball player in to a triathlete.

Time for a celebration

Sonic7by Sonic7Apr 15th 2010
I've done it! I've actually done it! All the hard work and internet reading has paid off. Oh and the trainer, which I'm attempting to get another session which.

Last Saturday I achieved a PB running 5km by 14 seconds although at least I knew that I could run the distance, albeit a bit slower in the race. Sunday I managed to cycle the Trialthlon course which is 21km in 42 minutes, which, at least I could finish as I cycled 40km 2 weeks ago.

No. I've actually been able to swim the distance for the Triathlon I've signed up for! Today I swam 450m, which doesn't sound much but when you've never swam properly for 20 years, it's quite a feat.

OK, so I took 22 minutes to complete it and had to stop at the end of each length and also the slowest person in the most recent Triathlon took 20 minutes. Looks like I'm the back of the pack. But at least I managed it!

Think this is the biggest hurdle I've got over since training for the Triathlon.

On a side note, I've signed up for a Duathlon the week after next. I'm not half as worried out that as I was about swimming. I have a feeling that might change closer to the date.

But in the mean time, I'm having another drink. The advice I can give is to celebrate the small achievements. May they get bigger in the future!
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