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I used to be able to run fast, cycle hard and (cough) swim - but as a kid. This is my blog attempting to convert a basketball player in to a triathlete.

Learning to swim again...the right way

Sonic7by Sonic7Mar 31st 2010
Think for a second. It's a Monday morning. It's 6:45am and in the UK. The temperature is about 8 deg C. The swimming pool is outside. At least the steam from the heat of it is quite visible ensuring the thermometer is keeping up its end of the bargain for the quoted 83 deg F heated pool.

The first swimming lesson for 20 years is about to start.

My teacher is a GB coach who "will work on your stamina as well as improving your stroke technique". And didn't she just! One length of the pool and she instantly saw my anxiety in the water...even though I dind't think I had any!

Lesson number one, how to control my breathing out under water so I'm not tensed up. In the deep end I was told to push my head under at the edge and slowly breath out through the nose...on the 5th attempt I nearly cracked it.

Lesson number two, when swimming keep your head down in the water and turn your head to breathe. KEEP YOUR HEAD DOWN bellows the tutor.

By the end of the lesson I was swimming a whole new different technique to the one I had 30 minutes previous and I held it for about half a length too. Well I had been learning how to kick properly and my legs were knackered!

Now all I need to do is build on these techniques and I should be able to at least swim the distance when it comes to it in the race, right?

Wrong. During a basketball match last night I go and sprain my achelles. My ankle has swollen to twice its size and the most I can do is hobble.

First a virus, now a sprain. The past 2 weeks haven't gone too well. At least we won the match...
Tiggatighby member: Tiggatigh, Apr 1st 2010 22:45
Swimming lessons...I felt a total plonker having proper lessons at my age, 47. Same as you we started with breathing into the water, a few weeks down the line and I don't think about it, just happens. Leg kicking kills me even at a less frantic rate - track cyclists thighs, heavy ! (My excuse)
Keep it up (when the ankle is ok, hope it heals quickly)
Good luck :)
Sonic7by blog author: Sonic7, Apr 15th 2010 22:40
Seems to be back on track this week but leaning towards swimming to get the technique right and the distance. Can't get the breathing through the nose right thought.

I too have big thighs from a youngster cycling and playing basketball. I'm trying to get another session with the trainer, but I've got 6 weeks to go...hopefully I can do it.
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