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I used to be able to run fast, cycle hard and (cough) swim - but as a kid. This is my blog attempting to convert a basketball player in to a triathlete.

Ride, swim, ill...

Sonic7by Sonic7Mar 23rd 2010
Riding a bike with cleats is a strange feeling, the fact that when attempting to lift your foot off the pedal you actually drive yourself forward as the pedal comes with you. My bike came with Look pedals and was given a pair of cycling shoes from the guy I bought the bike from. Unfortunately they were a size too small and, what a shame, had to buy a new pair which came in the flavour of Specialized BG Sport Road and new Delta cleats.

I have the kit, now time to put it in to practice. I'd been told of a '3 lap challenge' around the local park which in total equates to c40k. Taking it easy I managed 2 laps then a bit of a ride through the next towns to get a total of 41k - pleasantly surprised when I looked at the computer afterwards especially for my first outing! I had to get used to the bike though, the brakes, the gears, tri bars and cleats all new to me and this became obvious as I fell over at traffic lights about 38k in. I'd managed about 1h 30min successfully unclipping my feet and generally not falling off only to look a complete idiot to the family in the car next to me. Slightly bruised ego and lump on my leg where it hit the curb but I found myself laying on the ground laughing, the sheer absurdity of it. They say most road accidents happen within 5 miles of the home and they'd be correct.

Unfortunately last week I wasn't able to fit in a second swim session so this week I attempted my next swim and came a cropper of 'Swim Lane Etiquette'. The pool is laned for slow, medium and fast swimmers and I jumped in to a lane with 2 other swimmers in a medium lane...or so I thought. Swimming up to the other end I noticed it was actually a fast lane, doh! I jumped out and moved a couple of lanes down to medium lane only to find that a guy in the original fast lane had done the same thing at the other end. Looking up, he bellowed from the other end of the pool "I've just moved 'cos of you!". Not wanting to cause offence I waved my apology and moved to the next lane. It was rather strange, I must have really hacked this guy off in the one time I had passed him for him to shout at me from over 25m away.

If you are that person and you are reading this at the moment, good day to you sir, congratulations on being a grade A idiot.

Moving on to my run for this week and I failed. My alarm went off at 6am but I couldn't get out of bed as I felt rubbish. I managed to drag myself in to work but had to leave early as I was burning up but shivvering at the same time. I have cought a virus that my wife and girls had last week. I can't really see my bike session happening tomorrow either.

Last thing, booked a swimming lession with a GB coach for next Monday. I'm not entirely sure that my technique can be 'tweaked' to make improvements and rather needs an overhall but the coach thinks different. I'll let you know.

9 weeks & 6 days left.
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