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I used to be able to run fast, cycle hard and (cough) swim - but as a kid. This is my blog attempting to convert a basketball player in to a triathlete.

The beginning

Sonic7by Sonic7Mar 18th 2010
So, there I was staring at the swimming pool trying to decide which lane I need to swim in, slow or medium (Not even bothering with the fast). Up to then I had frequented pools on a yearly basis, usually in summer, and it generally meant sitting around it with a G&T or splashing around in it with the occasional crawl from one end to the other. All of about 10m. I'm trying to remember the last time I actually swam competitively and I settled on about 20 years previous in a local gala.

Could I remember how to swim? It turns out yes! Hurrah! How long did it last? About 2 lengths...boooo. Typical newbie mistake, too quick too soon. End result burn out. I limped another 5 lengths after that.

For a long time I've always thought I could acheive a triathlon but never put it in to practice until I met someone who does them regularly. I had decided as my New Years resolution that I was going to run 5km regularly and was told of the local Parkrun on Saturday mornings. This I have taken on quite religiously.

After this triathlons became the subject of conversations with new found triathlete with tales of new bikes and gadgets. Looking back I feel like I've been shown a bag of sweets by the child catcher, but I don't care. I've been looking for something to really sink my teeth in to lately which is why I started running at first.

Soon I was looking at bikes on ebay and in shops. I set a budget of £500 max for one, no matter if it was new or second hand. As luck would have it I found a triathlete selling his Planet X full carbon frame within my budget. It's a stunning piece of machinary and I feel very lucky to have it. I also feel ashamed as I've owned it for over a week but haven't properly ridden it yet. I ride MTB as I prefer the balance but worries are coming in to my mind of whether I can a) handle a road bike properly and b) don't look a complete twonk on a bike that so obviously exceeds my current cycling ability. Perseverance is the key methinks.

And finally the actual race. There is a sprint triathlon in 10 weeks. I have a plan for those 10 weeks but already have fallen behind mainly because of workload going through the roof. Great timing. But not going to be deterred, I'm going to drag my body round that course even if it nearly kills me...and invariably it probably will.
Skinnybuddahby member: Skinnybuddah, Apr 12th 2010 12:18
Hows the sprint training coming along?

Like you I did most of those things as a kid - but as full fledged grown up its all a bit different.

Are you following a plan or just feeling along?
Sonic7by blog author: Sonic7, Apr 15th 2010 22:35
I unfortunately sprained my achilles over 2 weeks ago and it's still recovering. Everybody take note!! Don't play basketball :)

I've managed this week to swim 3 times (weakest discipline quelle surprise) and a run and bike session at the weekest, so getting back to the norm.

I'm following a plan which I've put together myself but, as I read more about training, I keep changing it. At the moment I'm doing 2 sessions a week per discipline, the last day working on core. I was starting to realise that one session should be quality (Technique) and the other endurance but recently I've found that I can at least run and cycle but I can't swim well so I'm focusing on that discipline.
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