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On the Iron Road
Random musings as I return to some proper training and racing.

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SteveRby SteveRNov 1st 2009
I did IM Austria in 2007 and since then have only dabbled in triathlon - a few halves in 2008 and nothing in 2009. This year was going to be a run-focused year with a couple of marathons to keep the training honest. As it turned out, work's been increadibly busy and I injured my achilles. All told, these factors plus a heft dose of lethargy have contributed to my having done very little exercise this year. I'm now up to my heaviest weight for a while (c 110 kg) and unfit.

I've been treated for my achilles over the last couple of months - tight calves were the ultimate cause - and am now back on the road to recovery. I've been doing a few ad-hoc sessions on the turbo, but nothing consistent.

Anyway, the thing that brought me back to focus is the Outlaw triathlon in Nottingham next year. I couldn't pass up the idea of a local iron-distance race. This is therefore the kick start to get back into the triathlon mindset; training & racing and all that goes with it. A dash of proper time management should mean that the work distraction is kept in its box, and doesn't impact on the rest of my life more than it needs to. I still need to spend some time with Mrs R too!

Now I just need to put my training plan together!

Speak to you soon.

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