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Castle Combe 2-up Time Trial, May 25

TeamBadTriby TeamBadTriJun 8th 2010
A report on the Biannual (that means twice a year, right?) Bath CC 2-up 20 mile time trial at Castle Combe┬....

As has been the case in the last 3 or 4 years, a good contingent of BAD Tri/Fred Baker cyclists and triathletes tottered over to Castle Combe on Tuesday 25 May for a lightning ride round the smooth, but often windily-challenging, car race circuit. For anyone unfamiliar with cycling time trials, they involve:

- paying a tiny (compared to triathlon!) race fee to a lovely rattly old chap who has been there and done it all
- putting on whatever ┬'aero┬' kit you can find ┬- most of which probably just slows you down and looks a bit daft
- having a cursory warm up to assess wind, corners, all that technical stuff ┬- proper pro behaviour!
- waiting slightly nervously in line for your start, with each pair or solo rider going off at minute intervals
- completing the required distance (20 miles/11 laps in this case) as fast as you possibly can.


Tuesday┬'s TT went very well for BAD Tri, with good times and placings and lots of pairs working really well together on a typically windy night. All riders managed to avoid the surprising number of crashes that occurred - despite one of our number (who shall remain nameless) doing their best at self-sabotage by not having either wheel securely attached to their very expensive swanky bicycle!

Apart from the racing buzz, TTs are great for handling-at-speed and pacing skills, as well as being fab physical training to develop super strong legs! And once you┬'ve ridden your heart out for 20 miles, a triathlon bike leg feels like a walk in the park!

The next one is on Tuesday August 10 ┬- it┬'s a great intro to Time-trialling. Cheap, cheerful, and as hard as you want to make it. Pair up and pedal!

Results are a little slow in coming, but there were plenty of PBs and (we think) a second overall for Messers Russell and Edwards.
BAD Tri has sponsored teams for both triathlon and cycling. The aim of these teams is to provide support for athletes within the club at high-performance age-group level and above. As a club we are grateful to those who represent us at this level and understand that it takes a great deal of time, money and dedication. In return for this support, triathletes are expected to represent the team and perform well at the races throughout the summer. Cyclists will be expected to race regularly and place well at local road races and/or support others in the team to do so.
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