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Competitor Radio

TeamBadTriby TeamBadTriApr 28th 2010
Competitor Radio
I've just listened to an insightful interview with Chris McCormack on Competitor Radio.

Bob Babbitt and Paul Huddle (of IM fame) have loads of other interesting interviews going back many years in the archive.

Check out conversations with the likes of Lance Armstrong, Dave Scott or David Walsh at:

Happy listening.
RichGby member: RichG, Apr 28th 2010 15:48
True story - Ironman China 70.3 last year after the finish of what was a fairly brutal race I was chatting to the guys at the finish in the massage area and one of them ( noticing that I have Chinese writing and the great wall on my kit - Trek China Racing) figures I live out this way and strikes up a chat about the race and if I'd done it before, before I know it I asked how he got on and he told me he did OK and finished in 4:04 to which I replied "That's pretty quick in those conditions - you must be pretty good, that's almost pro speed" to which the guy replied "erm.... yeah?" It was of course Chris Macca himself and I didn't recognise him.. .ah well, in my defence, we don't get any triathlon magazines over here.... and I probably had heat stroke
Skinnybuddahby member: Skinnybuddah, Apr 29th 2010 12:36
Good shout.
Its a good site, with lots of useful stuff on it.
Always makes me wonder why there's no UK or even Euro sites of comparable quality and content.
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