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Cotswold [too cold not to] Supersprint

TeamBadTriby TeamBadTriMay 16th 2010
As Jane had to pull out from this race due to injury niggles and I (Bisco) still had my wrist in a rather ridiculous plaster, it was left up to Jonathon Greenwood and Paul Horsfall to jump in to the notoriously cold Keynes Park lake, near Cirencester for a swift but chilly supersprint parade.

Paul had an impressive day, despite the complications and insecurity of not quite knowing who you're racing against, with wave starts only five minutes apart and no apparent catagory markings on the athletes. It was no easier for the spectators; it turns out a one-handed clap cannot be mastered in an hour.

Rising up the bank in 3rd place out of the swim, on the heels of 2nd and about 20 secs down on first, Paul appeared comfortable enough to aknowledge the crowd as he passed towards T1 in good competition form.

His only measure on the bike was the one athlete that passed him on the 20k flat loop. Looked (and sounded) to be riding a rather swift GIANT TRINITY...! Aside from that, Paul just had to concentrate on clocking a good 5k run around the narrow lake-side track and wait for the results to roll to see where he would place. A very respectable 3rd overal (1 minute down on the winner) and Cat 2nd hopefully made the grey day worth the outing, though the goody bags unfortunately stopped at cat winners. Evidence that 'the big squeeze' has made it's way down to the grass roots of sport after all (despite the sparkly, aero facade).

Jon had the following to add from his 'day in the lakes'.


400m open water, 20km flat bike, 5km flat run on footpaths.

Early season open water triathlon: water temp 13deg - cold, air temp 8deg colder, northerly wind even colder! At least it wasn't raining...

Swim. Shallow water start as is usual at Cotswold Water Park events. Straighforward U shaped course, well marked with bouys and a sailing boat near exit. Longish grassy run to transition but that gave plenty of time to fumble with wetsuit with chilled hands.

Transition to mount 100m of gravel path - tough on bare feet!

Bike: One lap on open roads. Very flat, well marshalled with police control at one dodgy crossroad.

Run: By this point I could barely feel my hands and feet so undoing helmet, putting on running shoes was a wee bit challenging. Run was very pleasant two laps around lake on mostly earth footpaths. Then it was find warm clothing, hot drinks; anything to ward off incipient hypothermia.

Good event, well run with comprehensive chip timing but watch out for weather at this time of year.


Footnote/Missing in action at time of press: Neil Williams last seen running round the block on lap 73, trying to pick up a heart rate.
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