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Double Richards at Bala

TeamBadTriby TeamBadTriJun 17th 2010
Jules Hatcher and Ruth Bradbrook showed TeamBadtri's quality and depth this weekend at the National Middle Distance Championships at Bala.

A superb result from Ruth on the challenging course in Snowdonia provided a Bronze with Julian (I can do anydistance) Hatcher repeating the same feat in the Mens Race.

Still waiting for Ruth's race report, but Julians follows;

Bala Middle Distance National Triathlon Championships.

I had no idea of how I would get on in this race. Although I have covered the race distance of a 2k swim 82k bike and 20k run in training, I hadn't really done any race pace training over those distances, so to a certain extent I was going to wing it and see what happened. Although Bala is a little difficult to get to from Bristol, its is a great place for racing. The lake and surrounding country side are stunning. The set up is also very family friendly, with a swimming pool next to the transition and a steam railway which runs parallel to the run course.

The swim followed the lake shore (out and back) so it was possible to sight toward the bank throughout the whole swim. Extra large buoys also made sighting that little bit easier. I was pretty lucky with the swim, I got a clean start and managed to tag onto a group of 4 which were perfectly paced for me. Faster than I could go by myself but not too fast that I couldn't keep contact.

A quick transition and out onto the bike enabled me to make up a couple of places. The first 7 miles went steadily up hill and into a head wind which made the going tough. The first 1/2 of the race was pretty uneventful. I passed a couple of riders and a couple passed me. I got to the 1/2 way point and if I was honest I was ready to get off the bike. I completed the return 40km by myself. Similar to the swim as it was an out and back course the last 7 miles were downhill. Even with the gradient and tail wind I was really starting to feel tired and was defiantly looking forward to transition.

I started the run with a pace which felt steady. After approx 1 mile I saw another competitor some way up the road. I could tell I was closing the gap but I certainly didn't have the speed to close it as quick as I would have liked and it took me another 4 miles to catch him. Although I couldn't see anyone else I continued to work hard up to the turn around point (run is also out and back). Feeling OK, I attempted to up my pace. This plan worked well for the next couple of miles until the mile 8 point when my focus changed. I was starting to get very tired, instead of looking for the next runner I became more worried about the people behind me.

I defiantly started to feel very tired at this point. Having said that I guess it's not really that surprising after 4 hours of racing. I finished 30mins quicker than my last half, so maybe in the future winging it is the way to go?
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