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Kat Power

TeamBadTriby TeamBadTriJun 13th 2010
Thanks to Kat B for providing this race report [that I lost in my rather poor filing system until now]. Kat raced the Exeter Middlemoor Aquathlon on 25/04/10. She has so far been our queen of warm up races, and if you fancy following her fine example and testing your legs before a target race next season, it sounds as if you might like to add this one to the list of 'pencil-ins'

Report as follows:

600m swim 5k run

This is one of those events which is a great training race for the diary- local, simple, well-organised and a rarity in triathlon... fairly cheep.

The race started out like any other; several visits to the toilet and some time spent scouting out the course. The pool is 25 metres and thankfully deep enough for a good tumble turn. The run is basically three laps of a large playing field with some nasty steep grassy verges, and a hill... which, by the third lap you were wishing wasn't there.

I was in the last wave, and it looked like it was basically me against one other girl. I was in lane one, she was in lane six (needless to say she was the [...] hot swimmer!!). Thankfully I had the lane to myself and, once the gun had gone off, got into a happy rhythm. Transition was good, and then suddenly out into the freezing air and down a grassy verge trying not to fall over. It is at this point I consider my love of triathlon and what the hell I am doing outside on a grey day in wet Lycra. I could see my opponent in the distance at this point running with three strapping lads, catching her was going to be near-on impossible. So... it was me against the clock. I caught up one person in my wave, but it wasn't until the race results came out that I realise I was piped to a 2nd place by 15 seconds! Overall 3rd, and 2nd in my age group.
Not bad for a training race.

Not bad at all!
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