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TeamBadTriby TeamBadTriMay 14th 2010
After a packed weekend of racing, the group met on Sunday evening for our gait analysis session and following promo photoshoot with Shaun Lancaster.

The shoot went well in an undisclosed location within Clifton village, and apart from the odd strange look as racing suits were donned the shoot was a success.

Images will be posted shortly.
BAD Tri has sponsored teams for both triathlon and cycling. The aim of these teams is to provide support for athletes within the club at high-performance age-group level and above. As a club we are grateful to those who represent us at this level and understand that it takes a great deal of time, money and dedication. In return for this support, triathletes are expected to represent the team and perform well at the races throughout the summer. Cyclists will be expected to race regularly and place well at local road races and/or support others in the team to do so.
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