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South Road Race Championships

TeamBadTriby TeamBadTriJun 8th 2010
South Region Road Race Championships, May 23, Upavon Wiltshire

A great day out for Team BAD Tri/Fred Baker Cycles, also known as Fred Dibnah, continuing to make it's presence felt on the highways and byways of the lovely British Countryside. All three ladies and all three 3rd/4th cat men finishing in the top 10 on a blisteringly hot day and a very challenging course, with long draining climbs, lots of undulation and some fast, nervy descending.

In the 3rd/4th race Matt Edwards was the first to get enthused and go for a solo break from the field of about 50 riders, going clear over the top of the main climb only to have the race neutralised shortly afterwards due to naughty white-line crossing behaviour from other riders. Perhaps a fortunate escape from having to try and hold a lead! The race then more sensibly settled for a while before Pete Wheddon, still very much the man to watch even as he approaches his 21st birthday, got into a 2-man break around a minute up and held that lead, with a little more company towards the end, up until the final sprint. Level-headed Marcus Mumford and ¬'now-slightly-paying-for-his earlier-shenanigans¬' Edwards managed to control the peloton for a while, giving Pete the chance to build a promising gap. The group were anxious however, and at the top of the final climb it was obvious someone was going to go, so team domestique Dibnah tried to split the bunch again taking a small group up to Pete ¬- it didn¬'t quite have the power, and a big group came with us. A final uphill sprint for the line saw Marcus take 6th, Pete having led the race cruelly pushed back to 9th, and Matt crawling in some time later in 10th.

In the Elite/1st/2nd/3rd cat race, John Russell was in for a tough time from the start ¬- 80 miles in very hard conditions against organised, immensely strong riders. Using all his Northern Cunning and physical power he got into the first main break of the day and kept it moving, only to be spat out during a feed-station slow-down that got out of control, and pulled out after 3 laps.

In the women¬'s race, a much smaller field meant that there was no-where to hide for any of the riders. The categories in women¬' racing are normally merged, with the races being open to elite riders through to 4th category, so the racing is always going to be hard and there¬'s no sitting up for a rest!

Two ¬'Max Gear Girls¬' (both 1st Cat riders) made an early break on one of the minor climbs, with the main pack working hard to chase them down. Kat Broomhall had been looking good in the pack, but a technical downhill section and a close encounter with a gutter distanced her from the main group. She worked to claw back time and put in a hard chase with little respite.

The early break was caught not long before the 1st major climb of the route, only to see them make another break on the long climb, taking another girl with them. All credit to them for some very strong hill climbing, and putting in a distance which would never be closed down. The chasing pack was reduced to 4 riders, including Nicky and Kat Z, who worked well together and clocked an average speed of 19.8 mph over the 45 mile course! The final climb to the finish saw a closely fought sprint, with Kat Z and Nicky finishing strongly in 5th and 6th.

Overall a hugely enjoyable race on a great course, and beautiful sunshine always helps!


5th Kathryn ZOLKIEWICZ BAD Tri ~ Fred Baker Cycles
6th Nicky RUSSELL BAD Tri ~ Fred Baker Cycles
10th Katherine BROOMHILL BAD Tri ~ Fred Baker Cycles

3 / 4
6th Marcus MUMFORD BAD Tri ~ Fred Baker Cycles
9th Peter WHEDDON BAD Tri ~ Fred Baker Cycles
10th Matt EDWARDS BAD Tri ~ Fred Baker Cycles
BAD Tri has sponsored teams for both triathlon and cycling. The aim of these teams is to provide support for athletes within the club at high-performance age-group level and above. As a club we are grateful to those who represent us at this level and understand that it takes a great deal of time, money and dedication. In return for this support, triathletes are expected to represent the team and perform well at the races throughout the summer. Cyclists will be expected to race regularly and place well at local road races and/or support others in the team to do so.
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