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The Outlaw

TeamBadTriby TeamBadTriAug 19th 2010
The Outlaw

Up to sunny Nottingham, the National Watersports Centre to be precise, for the One Step Beyond Outlaw Triathlon.

The Outlaw is a new race for 2010, adding to the growing list of non-┬"Ironman┬" branded long distance races. It was much anticipated given the organiser┬'s very good reputation for staging great events. Overall it was a top-drawer experience. Near faultless organisation, plenty of vocal support and it really had the feel of being an event that was designed with competitors as the priority, something that┬'s not always the case in larger scale races. Thoroughly recommended ┬- particularly as it costs much less than ┬"Ironman┬" races.

My own race started really well with an enjoyable swim - swimming away for 1.9k and then coming straight back again was a novelty and meant you could really relax into a good rhythm without the stress of turns. I had no idea of the time as I got out of the water, but as I grabbed my bike I heard ┬"┬...swimmers now exiting the water are still well under the hour┬" which was a welcome surprise as my previous best IM swim was 1.04.

The bike was undulating for the most part, nothing you would call a hill but definitely some slower sections that disrupted your rhythm. My focus for the bike was to steadily keep the energy and fluids going in, keep my breathing relaxed and the effort easy. It was an enjoyable course, nicely broken up into laps and with great support and aid stations. The final couple of miles were the most tricky, with speed bumps and gravel adding to the fun. I got off the bike in 21st place, feeling pretty good and knowing I┬'d not got carried away.

In T2 I gave myself a couple of minutes extra to collect my thoughts, make sure my feet were comfortable and to re-focus on my run plan, which was to start very conservatively, allow my legs to adapt and to keep taking on food and drink. I felt good for the first 3 miles, with a reasonably low heart rate, relaxed breathing and no discomfort. As soon as I tried to take on fluid and food however I had discomfort in my stomach and had to walk until it went. This was the pattern for the rest of the run ┬- try to take on whatever I could (gels, coke, water, crisps all were sampled!) in tiny quantities and hope my stomach would accept it. Unfortunately by about 14 miles I really was unable to get anything in, so had to run the remainder on very low energy which meant a shuffle at best. It is remarkable though how much faster even the very slowest run is compared to a walk!

There was lots of support on the run and it was great to see other BAD Triers doing really well and enjoying themselves, so while I was annoyed not to be able to run properly, it was still a good experience. The final couple of miles were a bit emotional as the tiredness and lack of energy took over, and I crossed the line in 10.18, which was still a decent performance though not as fast as I had hoped. So overall stats were: 57 minute swim, 5.17 bike, and 3.59 run. 31st overall, and 7th in my age group.

In general it was a positive race for me, better-managed than I have done in the past (an hour a quarter up on my previous best at this distance), and really enjoyable for 90% of the time! Still improvements to be made, and more experimenting with nutrition and hydration for running in the heat seems to be required!

I would definitely recommend this race, either as a first long-distance triathlon or as another long event for more experienced triathletes. It has everything you need, and at (relatively) very low cost compared to higher profile races. With a bit of a post-race nap, or a friendly supporter to drive, you can also make it back to Bristol on the same day and sleep in your own bed ┬- priceless.

Matt E
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