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Today I am mainly whinging about....
Fat girl on a mission to change her world and make people around her eat tofu willingly while she's at it

A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away

Tiggatighby TiggatighFeb 12th 2010
A long time ago, in a galaxy far far away
Since I'm new here, thought might be an idea to introduce myself.

47 years old, live in Poole, Dorset. Former very very fat girl, now just a moderately fat girl...diagnosed with MS in September 2006, totally refused drug treatment after sitting next to a bunch of zombies in the clinic (not for me but I do acknowlegde it works for others)

Joined a gym in May 08 when a very wise doctor advised me to 'get moving or order a wheelchair'. Started off slowly just doing some recumbent cycling and treadmill walking and the occassional slow ploddy swim. Started to lose weight, got a bizarre girly squealy high when my mega sized jeans slipped off my hips...that was enough encouragement to keep going.
Decided I could do more around December 08, started sessions with a personal trainer (evil Pammy, love her really) Relieved my body of 65 kilos through a combination of exercising, eating proper food and being loved up, got body fat down from ughhh is there anything other than fat ? to oh that's better, stuff yer BMI - load of bollocky rubbish, from size 28 to 14/16...Basically, I've lost a person.
Had my first Jedi moment during a cycle ride with my pal P. (Royal Marine, cold weather specialist, thighs like tree trunks) A nasty hill that had previously evaded me just happened. I beat him up it. Bloody hell, I can really ride a bike ! We went for a walk in Wareham Forest a few days later, I started running UP the hills. I went back alone the day after and tried a bit more. Crikey, I can run a bit too.
So how did I get to even thinking of competing in triathlon ? (Well, training for at least)
Another Jedi moment, seeing something on Eurosport, boyfriend winding me up, I'll show him ! Before anyone squawks, the MS is completely under control with no attacks just a few things I have to work around.

Got a date in May, Pam has composed a brilliant gym plan, Penny is shaping up my swimming, P. is killing me out on the roads, we are a fab team.
Don't care about times, no idea what's good or not. Just want to do it because it's there to be done and I know I can do it.
Tags: fat, jedi, ms
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