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Today I am mainly whinging about....
Fat girl on a mission to change her world and make people around her eat tofu willingly while she's at it

Annoyed, deeply annoyed

Tiggatighby TiggatighFeb 16th 2010
Problem : half way through a most excellent swim session, really making progress, thoroughly enjoying myself...when something is spotted floating (and sunk) in the kiddy pool adjoining the main water.

Whinge : parents who can't keep their brats under control, parents who can't take responsibility for their brats actions and the effect it has on others (and not just when it comes to pool pooing, we're talking life here)

Moral : don't plan anything waterside during half term in a 'child friendly' pool/sports club (they're all over the gym and courts aswell)

Solution : win the lottery, build my own pool just for meeeeee. Simples.
Tags: brats, pool
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