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Back on track

Tiggatighby TiggatighMar 15th 2010
Well....after a few days grieving my beloved little cat I finally managed to get some decent training done towards the end of last week, mainly working on the swimming. Enjoying it muchly, truly look forward to every session. Been watching a well known local (male) international age grouper who trains same times as me, very interesting. Only realised the other week we went to school together, I once had a cat fight in the playground with his sister !
Had bit of a sniffly cold so the running has been difficult but still plodding on. And I do mean plodding...runny nose central urgh ! Bike is fine except for some v nasty winds around abouts here: devil and deep blue - avoid the more open leg stretching coastal roads versus idiot drivers on sprinty town roads.
Slight problem with right shoulder blade/side, bicep curls hurt - any ideas ?
Had a reet larf in the little pool I sometimes use today - full of wrinklies standing about gossiping so I just ploughed through 'em, can't hear the tuts when yer on a mission...hehehehe
Hope you are all well and enjoying the milder weather here in the UK
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