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Today I am mainly whinging about....
Fat girl on a mission to change her world and make people around her eat tofu willingly while she's at it

Getting there

Tiggatighby TiggatighFeb 23rd 2010
Decent swim session today, trying to get the arms right. And breath at the same time. Bizarre...I can breast stroke very very well, got the technique and rythym yadhy yah..but crawl oh dear ! Woeful, just can't get my head round it properly. Good job coach Penny is so patient. But we are progressing, all good :)
Felt ok after an hour in the pool so carried on with a quick 5k hill sprint on gym bike, bit of resistance and a little 3k jog out on the dreadmill.

Nice happenstance with the iPod, just got to 2.5k, bored more than tired and on comes James 'Tomorrow' - don't know why but it always cheers me up and makes me go a bit longer. What makes you go that bit further ?

Got home to miserable email telling me I didn't get a job so I'm off out on the MTB for a sulk. Even though it is chucking down and freezing cold here.
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