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Today I am mainly whinging about....
Fat girl on a mission to change her world and make people around her eat tofu willingly while she's at it


Tiggatighby TiggatighMar 23rd 2010
Gnunnfff...the sound of this person collapsing after running way further than a fat girl ought. Well ok, I didn't collapse but I did feel pretty gnunnfff. I'm not saying how far, long enough is all you need to know !
Swimming going ok, trying to solve the weak left arm problem (MS damage, ba$tard). Goes in the water just the flailing around under water that needs sorting. And I've still got the remains of a snuffly snotty cold, not nice. Ho hum !
Big news...finally got me a job. Now wondering how to fit in training. Had quite a long time off doing more or less as I please, body has got used to very early swims, mid morning bike rides (that turn into days out) and runs. And food...that will be a test, can't stand eating in the evening. Real world eh ?

Hope you are all well, Easter hols and the promise of better weather soon yay :)
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