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lofty goals
lofty goals
Hi...I am very new to triathlon, well actually to any sport. Did a try-a-tri in September 09 and caught the bug. Not sure at this point what the end goal is....just enjoying the ride!

5 days to race day!

Trevervaby TrevervaMay 25th 2010
Five days to go and feeling pretty good. I haven't done as much running as I would have liked but at the shorter distance that I have entered for my first tri of the season I only have to run 3k and like one of my club mates said "you can always walk."

I am really looking forward to Sunday and comparing the times to the race I did at the same distance back in September. I am confident that my swimming will be better and also my biking and if I can get the whole thing in under 1h 23m then I will be happy. My absolute dream for this race will be to get under 1 hr which may be possible if I can get the run legs working sifficiently well. We shall see.

It's surprising how quickly the goal posts move. Last year when I entered my very first tri my goal was to finish (and I wasn't confident that I could at that point). Now I am looking at times and speed and wearing a watch and keeping track of how I am doing. Never in my wildest dreams would I have seen this in my future.

Swam last night with the club but there were only a very small number (long holiday weekend and 30 degree weather likely kept most people away) so they combined lanes and I found myself working at almost two lanes ahead of my normal group. My goal was to keep up which for the most part I did; however, towards the end Coach looked at me and said "you're sinking" at which point I laughed and said that I was aware of that but even a submarine can keep up with the group!

I have brought my bike to work today with the intent of getting out for an hour at lunch (it's supposed to rain later and I prefer to avoid that if I can) so I will have the evening to myself which will give me some time to plan meals and snacks for this week. I am a new vegitarian so meal planning takes some thought but the good news is that my energy levels are great so it doesn't appear to be hindering my training.

Enjoy your week!
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