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lofty goals
lofty goals
Hi...I am very new to triathlon, well actually to any sport. Did a try-a-tri in September 09 and caught the bug. Not sure at this point what the end goal is....just enjoying the ride!

Coming back from injury!

Trevervaby TrevervaOct 5th 2010
I haven't posted in a while and finally am in a positive place again. Mid August I managed to slip a disc in my back which in turn pinched the sciatic nerve. Painfull and incapacitating are the two words that spring to mind.

Several ER trips and tests finally landed me on heavy duty narcotics and walking with the aid of a walker. Having invested so much time and energy on taking my life to a more positive place I was very angry and frustrated to say the least!

So skipping over 6-weeks which I wont bore you with I finally turned a corner and feel that I am getting somewhere again. Last night was the first pool session again now that our season is done and I was only able to manage 1200 meters in an hour (I was at 2000), but it was a step in the right direction.

Injurys are as hard on the head as they are on the body! I was speaking with someone at club last night who broke her wrist when she fell off her bike over the summer. The ER staff thought she was really overdoing the tears for a broken wrist but that wasn't the reason for the emotion. Her season was over, along with her hopes and aspirations, and that is why she was so upset. Bones and discs mend reasonably quickly but hopes and dreams are what needs rehabilitation.
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IMnadineby member: IMnadine, Nov 11th 2010 15:25
Ohh you said it! Dreams! This Sunday I injured my back and had a bulge come out from a disc. My Chiropractor was so severe he said quit cycling completely. I guess some health care practicioners donīt get atheltes. My racing season was abruptly shortened and I did cry over it! I hope you heal soon and that next season will be a strong one!
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