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Guest Blog - Triathlon 101: The Bare Essentials thatツ'll Allow you to Race.

TriBlogsby TriBlogsMar 14th 2013
Triathlon Kit, The Bare Essentials by Chris Newman @ The Triathlon Shop.

First thing to note about starting up in triathlon is that there is a lot of kit you can buy, however not all of it is actually needed to race. There are however a few bare essentials you must have. Triathlon can seem an odd sport from an outsiders point of view and certainly a bit of a mine field when it comes to what you actually need for your first race.

Here's our guide to your race day essentials needed to start off your triathlon career.

The must haves for triathlon include;

- A working bike (road worthy)
- Helmet (non damaged)
- Running shoes
- Clothing thatツ'll see you through the three disciplines.

The most regular question we get asked in store is ツ"what do I wear?ツ". There is no specific right or wrong answer for your first tri as it should be more about enjoying and experiencing the sport rather than trying to gain time. However, the general consensus is that it is worth investing in some tri-specific kit as it will allow you to compete in all 3 disciplines with ease.
Guest Blog - Triathlon 101: The Bare Essentials that値l Allow you to Race.
Other Kit that's Not Essential but that are useful for Races

Some ideas for beginners to think about:
  • Tri-suits will be quicker on race day as they drag less in water and mean that you don't need to get change between disciplines. However, Tri shorts are a little cheaper to buy to start with and will allow you to do all your swim, bike and run training in. Tri shorts start off at ツ」40 for a pair of Orca Sport tri shorts and ツ」65 for the Orca Sport Tri-suit.
  • Locking laces such as Greepers (ツ」7.99) will mean that you donツ't need to waste time tying your shoelaces.
  • A number belt (also ツ」7.99) will ensure that you donツ't have to pin your number onto your kit in a hurry in T1 as you will have left it off for the swim. Race belts also mean that you can switch your number from back (on the bike) to front (on the run) very easily in T2 which is often required in races.
Already Tried a Tri? Try This

If you have already done one or two triathlons and are already looking at dropping your time then the next two things that are worth looking at are a set of aero-bars for your bike and a bike fit to make sure they are set up for optimum use.
  • Aero-bars will allow you to hold a lower, more efficient position on your bike and are by far the most cost effective way of shaving minutes, not seconds off your time. These start off from around ツ」60 for a pair of Profile Design Legacyツ's or ツ」100 for a more adjustable pair of Profile Design T2ツ's.
  • A bike fit helps ensure that you are getting the most out of your bike when it comes to comfort, efficiency and speed. These start off at ツ」55 for a NewFit Level 1.
Guest Blog - Triathlon 101: The Bare Essentials that値l Allow you to Race.
Venturing into Open Water

Finally, if you are thinking about venturing to the depths of open water racing then you will need a wetsuit. Many events in the UK will list themselves as ツ"wetsuit optionalツ", and will rely on water temperature on the day. A good quality suit from a reputable brand which will last with you through the first few years of your tri career will cost between ツ」150 and ツ」225 depending on brand and features.

TYR offer a suit costing ツ」1250 but you donツ't need to consider that sort of investment ツ- suits costing a fraction of the price will perform brilliantly as long as they fit you properly, to find out you need to go to a tri specialist and put some suits on.
Guest Blog - Triathlon 101: The Bare Essentials that値l Allow you to Race.
The most important thing to remember when gearing up for your first triathlon is to relax and enjoy it, that way you will want to come back for more. If you have done a few yearツ's worth of racing then set yourself some goals. Distance? Time? A major event? Whatever it may be, try to maintain motivation and enthusiasm and enjoy this wonderful sport.

For more information about us visit our website The Triathlon Shop or use the links below for details and other updates.
Guest Blog - Triathlon 101: The Bare Essentials that値l Allow you to Race.
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