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Six Reasons why TriBlogging could be your New Best Friend

TriBlogsby TriBlogsOct 30th 2012
 Six Reasons why TriBlogging could be your New Best Friend
Thinking about writing a blog?

So you've been thinking about starting a blog and unlocking some of that creative potential. Or maybe you weren't considering starting a blog at all, but now you are thinking that you might?

But what to write about? If you love triathlon, or you at least train for disciplines in triathlon then the chances are that you've got lots of good material to talk about. If you want to share your thoughts on races, kit, training, recovery, motivation or your goals, then blogging could just be for you.

People usually have different reasons for starting a blog.

Maybe you are trying something new or doing something differently? Are you a triathlon newbie with a goal to compete in your first triathlon? Maybe you have qualified or want to qualify for the world champs? These are all great stories to tell. If you want more inspiration then listed below are some other reasons to give blogging a go.
  1. You get to talk about you!
    No better reason needed. Use it to tell your story, talk about things that matter to you. What you have to say might inspire others who are thinking about trying something but weren't sure how to go about it.
  2. It can help to consolidate your training/racing in your own mind.
    By writing down your thoughts about your training this helps you to reflect on how your training is really going. Sometimes this can help you to see things differently or spot areas where things might have gone better. You can insert your training too if you want other people to give their comments.
  3. You can interact with the rest of the triathlon community.
    Not just on TriBlogs (although we certainly encourage you to comment on each other's blogs) but you can interact with other bloggers from all over the world. You can choose your level of interaction by allowing comments from only TriBlogs members or allow anyone to comment on your blog.

    If you are a coach then this can also be a great way to showcase your expertise and link to your own website.
  4. It can make you more engaged with the latest topics and trends.
    Have a topic that you feel passionate about? Think that Armstrong should also be banned from triathlon for life? Inspired by what Chrissie Wellington said in her book? Then get involved in the conversation.

    Conversely reading about what other triathletes are experiencing can also help you. I inevitably read a lot of triathlon blogs and I like it when I can think "I've thought that too" "ohh I've not tried that" and "so I'm not the only one who completed half the run leg with the gel still in my trainer".
  5. You can use it to get something off your chest.
    You got a puncture when you were riding the best bike leg of your life; your season ended with a stinking cold two days before your target race; you turned up at the pool without your trunks and had to borrow your mates. Whatever it is, it's better out than in.
  6. It's fun!
    Be about things that interest you... use pictures to make it attractive and add a personal touch.

I want to write a blog!!! How do I do it?

All TriBlogs members can have their own blog. To create yours go to the Blog tab on your desktop (this is different to the Blogs section in the community tab which is where you will find all the published TriBlogs blogs including yours once you've created it!).

In the Blog tab you'll find all the tabs you need for creating a great looking blog including template skins for you to use and personalise. You can find out more about setting up your blog in the TriBlogs Knowledge Base

Once your blog is created, then you have the choice make your blog private or share it publicly.

Want to get more hits on your blog? Here's how!

Remember, this is your blog, you can be as creative as you like. Most importantly, enjoy writing it as this will come across in your writing and I look forward to reading it! Please free to comment and add to my list :o)

Hands up who wants to write a blog...

 Six Reasons why TriBlogging could be your New Best Friend
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