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Try a new protein rich snack by entering our UpRaw competition!

TriBlogsby TriBlogsSep 10th 2012
Try a new protein rich snack by entering our UpRaw competition!
As mentioned in previous post, Dave and I recently attended a Run Clinic in London. Such events are enjoyable because they are informative but also because often you will meet enthusiastic, like minded people with interesting stories to tell.

On this occasion we met climber and ultra runner Sol Fernandez. Sol was leading the run session and after a quick chat we learned that as well as having a full time job as a fire fighter Sol is also a personal trainer with a passion for health and nutrition. Apparently during a particularly long and gruelling climbing expedition when faced with yet another 'gel' he thought to himself 'there has to be something else', some 'real food'. That was when he decided to develop UpRaw a natural, protein rich snack designed for athletes. We're always keen to hear about new products and I like the idea of it being natural and so I asked Sol to send us some UpRaw to try and also some to give away in a TriBlogs competition!
Try a new protein rich snack by entering our UpRaw competition!
I've completed a few endurance events, done my fair share of long training sessions and I appreciate how important nutrition is. We all know that there's plenty of bars, gels and sports drinks on the market but UpRaw sounded a bit different because it wasn't packed with preservatives and E numbers. If you're interested in nutrition and you'd like to try something that's natural then read on as this may be of interest to you.

What is UpRaw?
Try a new protein rich snack by entering our UpRaw competition!
UpRaw contains only natural ingredients to supply your body with essential nutrients. Essentially UpRaw is made of walnuts, whey protein, honey, cocoa powder, desiccated coconut, sea salt, cinnamon and nutmeg.

I'm not a dietary expert but I've heard of the benefits of some of these ingredients, for example cinnamon (to keep blood sugar level), walnuts (for their protein and magnesium), coco powder (for antioxidants and magnesium). I decided the best way to to judge it was by my usual preferred method, eating it.

The taste test

We were excited when the UpRaw arrived. They look very appetizing, are disc shaped and so easy to hold and a handy size (50g) for slipping into your back pocket.

Here's a size guide:
Try a new protein rich snack by entering our UpRaw competition!
UpRaw doesn't taste too sweet; I consider this a good thing because I have been 'sweeted out' on long training sessions before. Dave's opinion was that he could taste the honey, nutmeg and cinnamon whilst I could taste coconut with an after taste of dark chocolate. UpRaw is biologically active 'raw' and so there's a 10 day chilled and 4 day ambient shelf life. However you can store them in the freezer for longer and take them out when you need them.

We both tried an UpRaw on our next training session. Dave after a 90 minute evening swim session and I before a long training run. They were easy to stomach but we both would recommend water to go with it especially if your mouth is dry!

For more information on UpRaw including how much? and how to order? then visit the UpRaw website. However if you would like to try a batch for free then see the details below on how to enter our competition for a chance to win!
Try a new protein rich snack by entering our UpRaw competition!
Try UpRaw for yourself by entering our competition

We've teamed up with UpRaw to give away a FREE batch to one lucky TriBlogs member. You will be given the opportunity to enter by clicking 'Yes Please' to the competition survey when you next log in. Alternatively, you can also enter on our Facebook page by 'liking' or commenting on the UpRaw Picture on our page. There is no charge to enter this competition and we will not share any of your information with third parties.

Entries will be drawn at midnight 18th September 2012. Good Luck!
TriBlogsby blog author: TriBlogs, Sep 21st 2012 15:50
This competition is now closed. Thanks to everyone who entered :)
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