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Sprint World Championship

TriCadenceby TriCadenceOct 7th 2010
Sprint World Championship
Budapest World Championship was held in September 2010, in Budapest, Hungary.

After a year of training, $6,000 spent and 20,000km traveled across the world, I ran through that finish line with the happiest smile on my face. My results were nothing spectacular, but to start with, my goal was to qualify, so I was just happy to be part of the whole experience. :-)

Here are some lessons learned on this trip:
- Give yourself minimum 3 days to recover and rehydrate after the long overseas flight before doing any race. Competing in an aquathon 8 hours after traveling from New Zealand to Europe is not a good idea (body cramps a lot, it's fatigued, and sense of balance is gone)
- Don't expect to be able to warm up in the water before the race (we weren't allowed, and the Danube was 17C. Brrr!)
- Don't get stressed out if your bike bag gets lost. They are going to find it (probably night before bike racking, like it happened to a certain NZ lady!). And if they don't, hire a bike, or borrow one. There are always people with big hearts who will help you out (Thanks, Cherie, for the kind offer!).
- Don't draft! I was sitting for few minutes exactly 10 meters behind the tight bunch of 3 guys, all of us doing the same pace. Race official drove by on his little motorbike, yelled their numbers through megaphone and showed yellow cards to 2 of the guys drafting. Yes, life is just! If I'm in pain, guys, you should be in pain, too!
- Don't expect any racing distances to be exact. Our run was a tad longer, and bike slightly shorter.
- Learn in advance how to pack and unpack the bike for the overseas trip. It's not as hard as it looks. Bring extra skewers with you, they can get broken in the transfer.
- Bring the track pump with you, it's not heavy, otherwise you will have to look for one just before the race (Thank you for your help, very handsome Hungarian guy!)
- CO2 cartridges are usually available at sponsors' tents, along with repair service and basic bike equipment
- Take your racing uniform and any other irreplaceable things in your plain luggage
- Pat yourself on the back after passing the finish line, regardless of whether you are pleased with your results or not. World Champs are a big thing and you worked damn hard for it! I know I did.

My next goal? Beijing 2011

Enjoy your tris,
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