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Lessons learned after today's triathlon

TriCadenceby TriCadenceJan 25th 2010
Another sprint triathlon finished. 1h 23m. Cloudy weather, 20C, with the moderate wind of 20km/h (that's moderate for Wellington, New Zealand. We don't even pay attention to wind here unless it breaks umbrellas in halves).

Overall, I had a good swim, despite the choppy waves, excellent bike with the fastest women split time, but paid the price for bike on the run with stitches and slowing down.

After every race I write a review (coach's advice) which I use for the future races. There are lessons to be learned after every race. For this race, they are:

-- Put your water bottle carefully back in the bike as if it drops out (like it did for me today), you will spend the next 40 minutes on the bike without water. Alternatively, put 2 bottles on your bike.

-- Don't get caught up in the "washing machine" at the beginning of the swim. I was stuck in the middle of the pack, with flapping feet waving over my face, being shoved around. Later on, I was watching one of the triathlons on TV One and Hamish Carter commented triathletes would be swimming as fast as for the first few 100s meters to avoid the washing machine. A-ha! So, that's the trick!

-- Pace yourself properly for the whole race, don't trash yourself on the bike and leave nothing for the run. Although I am pleased with my bike time, I paid the price on the run with the first 2km running folded down in stitches and pain. Few marshals asked me whether I was OK. Of course I was, I don't want the embarrassment of being pulled aside and waiting for an ambulance just for a stitch! I pushed myself through the pain and finished the run, but lesson learned.

Till the next time,
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