Sprint Season


TriCadenceby TriCadenceApr 23rd 2010
As someone who had a sport background in handball, table-tennis and gymnastics, transition to triathlon was a tough one. Not just that I didn't have good aerobic base for this sport, but I also did not have technique or knowledge in any of the 3 disciplines.

Some people come to triathlon with a background in running, or biking, or swimming and that means they train for 2 new disciplines, while they are only maintaining their "strong" discipline. So, for someone like me, who swam breast stroke lady-like style, whose bike experience was occasional 20 minutes spin session on the stationary bike, and who jogged 30 minutes few times a week at a gossiping-with-a-girlfriend speed, training for triathlon came as a total SHOCK.

It's time consuming, it's technical, it's mentally draining and physically demanding. If, on the top of everything, you start believing other people who tell you stories how "my first Olympic triathlon was under 2 and half hours" "I didn't train much this summer, so I don't know how I got the 4th place", etc... you get very frustrated with your own progress considering how much time and effort you put into it.

It took me a while to learn that the only right way for me to make improvements is to persevere in my training, find my own balance between life and exercising, and keep trusting my coach to find the most efficient training plans for me. There is no magical formula that will make me super-fast right now. I have to be patient.

It will be another year or two before I can call myself fast. Yep!
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