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Running off-road vs on-road - what a difference !

TriCadenceby TriCadenceJan 8th 2010
Running off-road vs on-road - what a difference !
Today was my first off-road endurance session, only 60 minutes via Onepoto trails in Porirua. I've done heaps of running on the road and grass, but running on the trail felt so different.

My core was working the whole time, it felt like I was forced to run mid-foot in order to avoid obstacles (mostly cow poos and rocks) and I had to pay constant attention to staying balanced. My ankles were moving in all sort of impossible directions and I could feel body flexing to compensate for constant change of position.

It was peaceful and quiet, with an amazing ocean view, in comparison to noisy road and car exhaust. What a difference !
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