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The first bike

TriCadenceby TriCadenceJan 2nd 2010
The first bike
When I finished my first duathlon in April 2008 I knew I was hooked on multi-sport events. Despite screaming leg muscles, burning lungs and dizziness from the race, I was hooked. So, I went and bought the first bike. Nothing fancy. Quite the contrary.

It cost me $150 NZD off Trade Me. Guy who sold it to me was a heavily tattooed Metallica worshiper who used the bike to walk his two tough looking rottweilers. I can imagine that...

The bike was a heavy aluminum model from 80's made with triathlon geometry, 13kg (I weighed it myself), was all white with a few black stickers, and with some rusty spots that got brushed off easily. I have a thing for white bikes, my current bike is white, too. Maybe white bikes go faster lol For a while it had black Armadillo tire on the front and light brown at the back (as you can see on the photo).

I got it serviced twice, fixed it up and it served me faithfully for more than a year. In a way, it was good to have a heavy, clunky bike as the first bike. It built up my muscles much faster.

Initially, I didn't like biking on a road, I would just spin in the gym and take the bike out only for the events. In December 2009 I switched to Giant's carbon beauty, and that is when I truly started appreciating road biking, and started bunch riding with SANZ. I think that was the turning point.

Although my first bike was heavy and old, I still set a nice time on one of the short triathlons: 18km in 33 minutes. ;-) Not bad, eh?
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