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TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper
TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper

First sign of madness is talking to yourself....

TriHardAlanby TriHardAlanAug 28th 2014
….. and the second sign is answering yourself!

But in race week, especially when it’s a big race, you do end up asking yourself a lot of questions, don’t you? Could be just me of course and my way of dealing with nerves. So in no particular order here is my list of random thoughts, questions and self supplied answers regarding the upcoming Vitruvian half IM distance race on Saturday:

Why am I nervous every time I get on the bike? Numerous recent punctures, split tires, cracked steering column and a rather spectacular energy bonk might make you feel a crash is imminent. And I have never had a proper crash which means it’s just a matter of time. Oh for Christ sake, man up and get on with it!

My last race was poor, I need to prove to myself I still have it. No I don’t, that’s ridiculous, I have had a good season, hit all my targets. But that was then, all of a good 3 weeks ago, time to start again. No its not, relax, enjoy the race and concentrate on performing to the best of your ability, the rest will come. Now where did I put that Stephen Peters book.

This isn’t a big race. Hell, I haven’t even trained for it. No long rides, hardly any long runs since my Spring marathon. Jeez, I could be in trouble here. No I won’t, I have short course speed, just bike and run a little slower. My engrained endurance form 4 years of IM racing should see me through OK. I hope.

So no point in checking last year’s winning time in my AG then. No, that’s daft, haven’t even trained for this race. I am a short course athlete now. That’s interesting, the winning female was quicker than the winning male in my AG last year. Dam, I looked. No point working out if I can hit those times though, that would be silly. Just concentrate on doing your best, the rest will come. Must find that dam book.

So how do I make up 13 minutes from last years time? Well, swimming in a straight line will help, last year was worst swim ever at 43 mins. If I match my swim from the Outlaw Half of 34 mins that’s 9 of the 13 minutes made up. And I was conservative on the bike last year so can probably take 5 mins of my bike time and at least a couple of minutes of for improvement. But I am not thinking about that, makes no difference to me what time the medal ceremony is, I have no interest in it being at 3.00pm. Not me, no.

Wonder why I never nail a half IM? In theory it should be my best distance, the % of the race that is swim is less. But then I never train for them. But my previous IM training should have seen me strong in them. But maybe I was over trained and lacked speed? I have speed now though. But do I have the strength without the IM training? Maybe it’s the nutrition/hydration. Will have a look at that, check what I should be consuming. Crap, I have been getting it right, need to find another excuse.

So what can we conclude from all these musings? Have we learnt any useful lessons? Sure have, I think too much.
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