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TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper
TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper

Good news and First Two Tri's of the Season

TriHardAlanby TriHardAlanMay 31st 2013
It¬'s been a while since my last Blog and had some good news and my first two Tri¬'s of the season going on in the meanwhile.

First the good news:

I have qualified for the World Duathlon Age Group Championships, I¬'m off to Ottawa! I¬'m very excited about this and can¬'t wait to, for the second time, pull on that GB Tri suit and represent my country. I was offered places in both the Sprint and Standard, both on a Roll Down, the second of which I accepted. The % I got? 114.9 Yes, only .1% inside the allowed 115. Lesson to be learnt there, when racing qualifiers it¬'s not just the competitors in sight you have to chase, it¬'s the AG winners too and the clock. I remember that Race, Cambridge Duathlon, English National Champs, being a slog in to a headwind for every second and having to push to my limits despite often having nobody (who looked from my AG) around me. Was definitely worth it.

1st Tri ¬- Grendon Sprint ¬- Qualifier for 2014 European Championships

As well as being a qualifier it was also a trip down memory lane. I last did this race in 2010 and it was a nightmare. It was bitterly cold, I took an age in T1 and hated every second of the bike. 3 years on I feel a very different athlete and knew, given the same circumstances, I would have a very different race. How did it pan out? Well, finished 17th in AG so will need to do another qualifier and it was a reminder to avoid 1st qualifiers but, more importantly, I really enjoyed the race. Swim was OK, not a great time but normal at least and the bike course was great fun. Looking back I don¬'t know what I hated about it last time! Was a whole 8 minutes quicker than 2010 despite getting my timing chip strap stuck to the Velcro¬'s of my shoe when mounting and having to stop and put it back on. Run was a bit down and a note to anybody who is ever thinking of doing Grendon, do not wear racing flats, the run course absolutely battered my feet!

2nd Tri ¬- Votwo Evening Sprint 2013 Race 1

Dorney, it¬'s a bit Marmite, you either love it or hate it. I¬'m definitely a lover. I make a point of going back there 2 or 3 times a year. If nothing else you can pretty much guarantee conditions there, it will be blowy one way and a tail wind the other. I was actually hoping for a Triple Crown, pb¬'s in all 3 disciplines but that didn¬'t happen. Only a few seconds out on the swim, cycle by just under a minute and about the same on the run. However, lots of positives too. My first T1 in under a minute, my highest bike position overall and in AG, my first top ten finish, 9th if you take out the two relay teams ahead of me, and 2nd in AG which equals my best result. Also had the pleasure of 3 club mates to chase around the bike course, shout to and receive encouragement from and enjoy some hard fought racing with. Big shout out to the organizers Votwo, not only do they put on the Dorney Tri¬'s cheaper than their rivals on exactly the same course but they also provided live on line results so you could check your finishing position as the Waves came through. Other organizers take note!

Next up; this Sunday, the Swashbuckler Middles Distance Tri. Part of my Roth preparations and our Club Middle Distance champs. With over 40 Turbo¬'s competing Bucklers Hard will be awash with a sea of red and blue wibbly wobbly. Can¬'t wait!
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