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TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper
TriHardAlan - Tales of an Age Grouper

Rhyme and no Reason

TriHardAlanby TriHardAlanFeb 20th 2018
Since my last post I have been quite busy with both a swim video analysis (which I may talk about in a later post when swim training is more prominent) and ran my first half marathon since my hip surgery (and I will probably talk more about that when I run another as a point of reference). But more exciting than both of those I had my first multi sport event last weekend which was the Anglian Water Standard Duathlon. A 2018 World Championship Qualifier.

Now the long and short of it is I finished in 2.13 and didn't qualify. And as exciting as it was for me I did ponder how I can make another race report interesting for you the reader. I could quote the speed, HR, power (well, more on that later), speed, times etc, and hey, sometime later n the season I am sure I will be doing just that, but here today, and for no particular Reason, here is my race report in Rhyme:

We arrived nice and early and boy it’s cold
On the bike wear a jacket, to not, that would be bold
Decision made, jacket on, I will lose some time
It’s only a fewer seconds, that will be fine
Gels, drinks, bike, helmet all set up ready to go
Transition run though all done to make sure I flow
A warm up run, the briefing and then we gather at the start
I hope today to do my best and be really fast

And then the gun goes and we are off and racing
Watch you speed Al, be careful of your pacing
In the hustle and bustle lots of people flying past
But I am running at a pace that I can last
The course isn’t flat, lots of ups and downs
It’s the same for everybody, no need to frown
Heart rate up to one hundred and seventy
Keep relaxed, breathe easy, that’s more than plenty
Past the half way marker and that’s a relief
On the way back ticking of the markers, keep the belief
Finally back to transition and OK I am feeling
Let’s get that bike and really start wheeling

Be careful no errors here its helmet first
And then my jacket and I am ready to burst
Hit the lap button on my Garmin but heard no sound
Hit it again but now confusion abounds
Did I hit it twice, will I get any data
On no, my speed, power, HR I will only see later

Right after the mount line is a left turn and a short hill straight after
But feet straight in shoes, no mistakes or laughter
I’m in the grove and cycling but dam, I can’t see
My visor is all misted, oh no, this can not be
I am on a hill going down and hitting the brakes
I don’t want to come off and be all full of aches
The visor comes off and into my back pocket
Great, now I can see and go like a rocket
As the course meanders I see a rival who is fast
I follow him outside the draft zone and see how long I can last
We go up a hill and behind I fall
The effort required would mean hitting the wall
I let him go and carry on at my pace
But with no data on my Garmin I have no idea if I am doing ace
For the rest of the ride it’s just me, myself and I
This is far from ideal, I can not lie

Back to transition and no buttons to press
After my earlier mess up, it’s one thing to do less
It’s off with my helmet and jacket ready to run
Shoes on, lets go, I suspect this won’t be fun

Out on the trail and my legs are completely shot
With rivals ahead and behind I need to dig in, a lot
After I while I will feel better, surely
But at the half way mark I am feeling quite poorly
The people in front are nowhere near
Its footsteps behind that I now really fear
Every ascent I am now really slowing
I am huffing and puffing and really blowing
On the way back and less than 2k to go
Right now, how I feel, could be no more low
Every step is an effort but the finish is in sight
It’s only been 5k, but oh my, what a fight
As I approach the finishing chute it’s a glance over my shoulder
With no one in sight, it’s across the line and thank god it’s over
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