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Breath of Fresh Air

TriMadMan45by TriMadMan45Jan 23rd 2012
Having been confined to the kitchen on the turbo since late last year I finally managed to get a proper cycle on the road yesterday afternoon. While it was cold, very windy, low sun and getting dark by the time I returned to the house I enjoyed it. Although it was great to get back in the saddle again and tackle the route I did numerous times last year I was reminded how dangerous it can be out ont the road. With the only possible collision in the kitchen being a family member getting past to get to the fridge I was reminded by so many drivers that the road can be dangerous. The Lang Wang is an A Class country road which has a 60mph speed limie with most drivers yesterday doing well in excess of that at most points. With the low sun and light fading I was concious that maybe I wasnt the most visible but with front and back lights and a full Ronhill reflective running jacket I hoep that I was visible enough. Looking forward to a good weeks training and hopefully another propoer cycle this weekend.
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